Staff guidance for adults

Domestic abuse and sexual violence information and guidance for adults.

Abuse and violence against another person is not acceptable. Domestic abuse and sexual violence can affect anyone irrelevant of gender, race, age, sexuality or disability. National statistics suggest that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men will experience domestic abuse at some stage in their lifetimes and that in 54% of sexual violence cases the perpetrator is a current or former partner.

We can help you to identify domestic abuse and sexual violence and to offer appropriate support to victims in Derbyshire.

Topics covered include:

  • signs of domestic abuse
  • signs of sexual violence
  • confidentiality and information sharing
  • responding to a disclosure
  • flowchart for domestic abuse
  • flowchart for sexual violence
  • safeguarding
  • multi agency risk assessment conference (MARAC)
  • stalking laws
  • independent domestic violence advisor
  • emergency accommodation and refuge
  • sexual assault referral centre
  • independent sexual violence advisor
  • practical safety measures